The Process of Import Taxation

It is obligatory to notify the Customs Offices of any goods that you’re bringing into or out of Turkiye. This notification is called “the declaration of  customs”. Don’t forget that you can rely on the services of the English speaking lawyers in Turkey!

In this declaration you should inform the customs authorities about the goods you’re importing, this will determine the type of taxes and standards that will be applied to them. The Customs Office will verify the given information. Once the declaration and goods are checked by the Customs Office, the officer will determine which taxes are going to be paid for the goods. The necessary financial penalty will be applied if the Customs Office would determine that the imported goods led to the loss of tax revenues. Our lawyers who specialize in international trade as well as our international trade expert are happy to help you!

Some goods, however, might be exempted from taxes, for others the taxes are lower. Examples of the goods which are exempted from the taxes include the following list:

  1. The goods which cost less than 150 Euros (Starting from 30.05.2019 in the context of the Law No. 15.05.2019/30775 R.G. CK 1111 the goods cost of which does not exceed 150 Euros which are not purchased with the aim of selling them, such as a book, are exempt from the import taxes.)
  2. Goods belonging to the people who are moving into Turkish Customs Region. I.e people who are moving into Turkiye.
  3. Personal items which were inherited.
  4. Personal items belonging to those who come to Turkiye with the purpose of gaining education here.
  5. Home items belonging to the people who are temporarily residing within the Turkish Customs Region.
  6. The home items belonging to the people who are not residing in Turkiye but own or rent a house there.
  7. Items that people are bringing for personal usage rather than sales.

From the other goods which are going to be brought into Turkish Customs Region:

  1. The gift items the price of which does not exceed 430 Euros
  2. The prizes and awards
  3. The gifts received in the context of International Diplomatic missions.

Additionally, items which are going to be used fort he purposes of education,  items which are going to be used fort he medical purposes, animals, biological and/or chemical materials, materials which are going to be used to check the medicine, national R&D projects and/or government supported private R&D projects.

The import customs taxes are supposed to be paid once you’ve got your declaration registered. The import taxes are counted in accordance with the tariff rate at the time of submission of the declaration. Once you’ve paid the aforementioned taxes you’re free from any customs obligations. You can take your items once you’ve paid the taxes. At this point the procedures regarding the customs declaration are concluded via a computer system.

The payments can be conducted through the commercial banks or GUMKART. You can conduct the payment by using the GUMKART with a credit/debit card. Also the debit/credit card must belong to the firm or a person who purchases the product.

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